Publishers' International ISBN Directory 2014, 6 Vols.

Publishers' International ISBN Directory 2014, 6 Vols.


von International ISBN Agency

8532 Seiten; 7 vols. Cplt. lxxx, 8,532 pages; 280 mm x 210 mm
Sprache English
2013 De Gruyter
ISBN 978-3-11-030250-9
KNV-Titelnr.: 41371177


The 40th edition of this established reference work offers a wealth of information on the worldwide publishing landscape. It includes more than 1,100,000 publishers' ISBN prefixesfrom 221 countries and territories. The Geographical Section (volumes 1-5) provides the names of more than 1,000,000 active publishing houses, arranged alphabetically by country, and within country by name. Entries contain the full address including email and URL particulars as well as ISBN prefixes. Publishers can be identified via their ISBN prefixes through the Numerical ISBN Section (volumes 6-7). The eBookPLUS format comprises the content and search criteria of the printed edition and its indices, facilitating complex searches.